Why Mid-size?

Learn more about why Windflow offers mid-size wind turbines.

Why Mid-size?

The picture above is of the Manawatu Saddle on the North Island of New Zealand.  To the right is the Te Rere Hau windfarm, the largest farm of Windflow turbines in the world (48.5 MW).  To the left is a neighboring windfarm of large and mid-sized three-bladed wind turbines.  The picture makes it clear that large wind turbines can have a significant visual impact on the surrounding land due to their very tall height.

Windflow specializes in mid-size wind turbines because we believe in balancing the need for clean, renewable energy with respect for the surrounding environment and communities.  Mid-size wind turbines simply produce more energy per area of visual impact than large turbines.  Take a look at our whitepaper on output versus visual impact.  While this matters in all places, it is especially important in visually-sensitive locations.

See the video below on a comparison between mid-size and large turbines, as well as between two- the three-bladed wind turbines.  Click here for more on why Windflow turbines have two blades.

For more detail on shipment sizes for Windflow turbines, click here.

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