Consultants & Project Developers

Consultants & Project Developers can feel confident choosing Windflow turbines.

Track Record

All of our machines are designed in accordance with international standards, the same standards as multi-megawatt wind turbines.  In fact the 33-500 is independently certified.  Windflow turbines have accumulated over 550 turbine-years of track record at over 95% availability.  This means low risk to you and your project, and more confidence for your clients or financiers.

Low Cost of Energy

Windflow turbines on sites with adequate wind can achieve a cost of energy of less than 8 US cents per kilowatt-hour, generating returns greater than 15% and reaching payback in just over 5 years.  If low cost debt is used to fund a portion of the project, return on equity can exceed 30%.  Talk to us about structuring your project to maximize your return.

Low Noise and Visual Impact

Windflow turbines consistently achieve sound levels below 103.5 dBA at 10 m/s (22 mph) wind speed, and we have the measurements to back it up.  At a normal setback distance of 300 m (1000 ft) this sound level drops to below 55 dBA, which is less than a normal conversation and at many sites is indistinguishable from background noise.  The visual impact of a mid-size turbine is also low compared to its output, which is important in visually-sensitive places.  Take a look at our whitepaper on output versus visual impact, and our discussion of why we specialize in mid-size.

Easy to Transport and Assemble

The compactness of Windflow turbines makes for easy transport and installation on site.  Minimal site works are required for roading to the turbine pad beyond a typical farm track.  Turbine foundations vary, but are generally a simple 8 by 8 meter pad.  Turbine components are delivered to site on standard trucks, and the crane required to erect the turbine is no wider than a typical lane.  Take a look at our Component Sizes for details.  This feature is especially critical in remote locations with basic roads, ports, and equipment.

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