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Why successful Sales Agents & Dealers should partner with Windflow.

Track Record

Windflow has participated in a variety of projects around the world, varying from the 48.5 MW Te Rere Hau windfarm in New Zealand to one- to three-off turbines in the UK (see our UK site for more details).  In all projects, we've proven that Windflow is "the Partner of Choice in Mid-Size Wind."

Please contact us, if you are a Sales Agent or Dealer with a track record of successfully selling and / or developing mid-size wind farms.

A testament to our commitment to quality and our proven certified wind turbines are our past projects, including our windfarms in Gebbies Pass (New Zealand)Te Rere Hau (New Zealand)Westray (Scotland), Monan (Scotland), Easter Aberchalder (Scotland) and New Holland (Scotland). In fact the 33-500 is independently certified. Windflow turbines have accumulated over 550 turbine-years of track record at over 95% availability.  This means low risk to you and your project, and more confidence in financing.



Our commitment to quality and attention to detail means that our Windflow 33-500 will perform at a high standard, coupled with its lower cost of energy and manufacturing. Our Windflow 33-500 has been certified by Lloyd's Register which confirms that it meets the class 1A of the latest International Commission (IEC) design and the Windflow 45-500 design is based on the 33-500. To see the certification and to read more click here


Low Cost of Energy

Our wind turbines are cost effective with its 2-bladed design that reduce transport and manufacturing costs. They are also grid-friendly generator that simplifies connection, especially into weak grids. The weight to energy out put is very high which is one of the advantages to the cost effective 2-bladed design.

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