Windflow Turbine Generates Revenue in Scotland

Windflow's 99th wind turbine (1st. outside New Zealand) is now generating revenue and renewable electricity.

15 Mar 2013 

Windflow's 99th wind turbine (and first turbine outside New Zealand) is now generating revenue for the Company and renewable electricity for the locals on the Orkney Islands, Scotland.

Hammer Farm on the Orkney Island of Westray has high average wind speeds which mean that the turbine is expected to generate enough energy for 400 homes and revenue of over ?350,000 (~NZ$640,000) per annum. Another two turbines are already ordered to be installed on the Scottish islands later in the year.

Windflow exported the blades and nacelle from New Zealand in late 2012, and worked with local Orkney based dealer Bryan J Rendall (Electrical) Limited for grid connection, communications and installation, and with Heddle Construction for civil works and erection. Unattended operation commenced on 13th March, the electrical issue, which was referred to in the Company's Preliminary Announcement of March 6th, having been resolved.

Tracey Jackson, marketing manager for dealer Bryan J Rendall (Electrical) Limited said, "Relative to our previous installation experiences we found that the elegant two bladed design is lighter and easier to transport and install. Although it is an innovative design and a first for the UK, it is tried and tested technology. The Windflow 500 has an outstanding performance in high winds, and the installation on Westray looks set to become the most productive turbine on the islands with a tip-height under 50 metres."

She added, "That's the kind of investment that our growing number of prospective clients across the Highlands and Islands are looking for - high returns for a low environmental impact."

The Company's 500 kW turbine qualifies for high pricing under the UK Feed-In Tariff, being four to ten times the electricity price in New Zealand. It has the highest energy output for a turbine with such a low profile (tip-height less than 50 metres).

Installing its first UK turbine on a remote and exceptionally windy site in the middle of winter was an ambitious task but the Company is proud of the NZ and Scottish team that persevered. Heavy snowfall, wind speeds over 100 mph and cancelled ferries at the end of January caused some delays but only a short lull in the wind was needed for the final lift of the fully assembled nacelle and rotor.

Andy Strowbridge, Windflow UK's General Manager said "It is great to have our first operating turbine in the UK. You can have almost 100 of them running well in New Zealand, but there is nothing quite like being able to see and touch an operating turbine, to make it more real to prospective customers. We look forward to it being joined by a couple more on Orkney later this year, with a strong pipeline of projects behind those. The support we have had from our dealer Bryan Rendall and other Orkney businesses has been tremendous."

Colin Risbridger, a renewable energy engineer and developer living on Westray, entered into a partnership with Windflow's development arm to install this first Windflow 500 in the UK, at the family's farm at Hammer. He said "I am proud to be working with a forward thinking company such as Windflow and contributing to the island's target to reach 100% renewable energy."

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