Windflow Commercial Team Expands for UK Sales

Mid-size wind specialists Windflow Technology Ltd and subsidiary Windflow UK welcome new staff members.

2 May 2013


Windflow Commercial Team Expands for UK Sales


Mid-size wind specialists Windflow Technology Ltd (500 kW wind turbine) and subsidiary Windflow UK welcome three new UK based staff members.  Stephen Squires has been appointed UK Sales Manager and Colin Risbridger as UK Development Manager for Windflow UK.  Andy Smith joins Windflow Technology as Deputy CEO, based in the UK for an initial six months.


“The opportunity for landowners to benefit from mid-size wind projects with the Feed-in Tariff, particularly with 500 kW turbines, is unprecedented”, said Mr Smith.  “I’m excited about the growth potential in the UK as Windflow looks to partner with many more landowners to get these projects installed and generating revenue.”


Mr Smith brings 20 years of international business experience to the company, helping companies such as €16 billion Lafarge S.A., the world leader in its sector, achieve solid top and bottom line results working in sales, marketing and business development.


Both Mr Squires and Mr Risbridger bring valuable experience helping farmers and communities to install mid-size wind projects in Scotland and northern England.  Stephen Squires built two mid-size wind businesses – turbine distributor IMS Windpower and balance of plant project manager Majestic Renewable Energy.  Colin Risbridger is based on the island of Westray, where the first UK Windflow 500 was installed earlier this year, and has overseen the development of several projects from 5 kW to 1.8 MW.


Windflow is one of the most experienced companies internationally in the ‘mid-size wind’ market (100 kW – 1 MW) with 99 of their 500 kW wind turbines installed since 2003.  Last year the company was chosen by a US Fortune 100 company to design a 500 kW turbine optimised for moderate wind speeds, which will be licensed in the Americas and Africa.


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