First Royalty Payment from USA for licensed NZ wind turbine

Windflow received its first royalty payment from licensee General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies.

17 January 2013

New Zealand wind turbine designer and manufacturer, Windflow Technology Ltd, announced today it has received its first royalty payment from US-based licensee General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies.

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies and Windflow Technology entered a licensing agreement in February 2012. Under this agreement the companies created a new Class 2 version of the proven Windflow 500 design that is optimized for the lower wind speeds typically found in North America and many other locations. The Class 2 turbine has longer blades (45 metre rotor diameter compared to 33 metres for the Class 1 turbine) and is being promoted by General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies as the GD45-500.

The new Class 2 500-kilowatt turbines are ideally suited to serve customers who require an alternative energy source in addition to a connection to a power grid. Typical users include manufacturing facilities, government complexes, colleges and universities and military installations. General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies has recently launched a new website to promote these two turbines

Windflow Technology’s licensing agreement with General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies covers North and South America, Africa and U.S. territories and military bases worldwide.

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