Local Manufacturer’s First Wind Turbine Shipment

Windflow Technology Limited (WTL) has taken its first steps as an exporter.

18 October 2012


Local Manufacturer’s First Wind Turbine Shipment


New Zealand’s local wind turbine manufacturer, Windflow Technology (WTL), has taken its first steps as an exporter. 

After nearly ten years manufacturing turbines for the strong and turbulent winds in New Zealand, turbine number 99 is destined for a windy farm on Westray, one of the Orkney Islands in Scotland. 

Four 16 metre long blades (two sets) manufactured by subsidiary company Wind Blades Ltd were loaded onto a ship in Auckland last Tuesday bound for the UK.  The nacelle of the turbine has been tested and commissioned in WTL’s Christchurch nacelle assembly factory and is due to leave from Lyttelton this week.  Minister of Energy, Hon Phil Heatley joined Windflow staff, suppliers and shareholders at the factory yesterday to close the door on the shipping container during a brief ‘send off’ ceremony.

The Minister commented “It’s great to see innovative companies like Windflow Technology breaking into competitive international markets.  As the sole manufacturer of wind turbines in New Zealand, your achievement marks an important occasion for New Zealand’s wind and manufacturing industries”.

The isolated Scottish site required a proven mid-size turbine that could be transported and installed easily.  Christchurch based Windflow is one of the most experienced suppliers of 500 kW, IEC Class 1A turbines (highest wind speeds and most turbulent conditions) in the world.

A UK government policy introduced in early 2010 has created demand for Windflow’s 500 kW turbine, particularly in the north of Scotland, and the company established ‘Windflow UK’ in 2011 to support the market. 

The first exported Windflow turbine is expected to be installed and commissioned on the site in early 2013.





·          Windflow’s 500 kW wind turbines are deemed ‘commercially proven’ by independent wind energy experts Garrad Hassan, and are certified to IEC Class 1A (Edition 3) by Lloyds Register.  IEC Class 1A certifies the turbine for operation in average annual mean wind speeds of up to 10 m/s, and extreme fifty year gusts of 70 m/s (over 250 km/hr).  The first Windflow 500 turbine was installed near Christchurch in 2003 and 98 are now in operation. They have been performing above their warranted availability levels in New Zealand’s strong wind conditions. 

·          The turbine project is owned by a special purpose vehicle ‘Hammer Westray LLP’ which is a limited liability partnership between Windflow Hammer Ltd, and the local Scottish developer, Colin Risbridger.  Windflow Hammer Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Windflow UK Ltd which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of WTL.


For further information please contact:

Geoff Henderson, CEO and Director Ph 03 365 8960