About Windflow

Benefit from over Windflow's 20 years of mid-size wind expertise and 600+ turbine-years track record.

Introducing Windflow Technology Ltd

Windflow is a wind turbine design and manufacturing company with expertise in:

  • wind turbine design engineering and component testing,
  • wind turbine manufacturing,
  • research and development,
  • production engineering,
  • wind farm development, operations & maintenance.

Windflow is based in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Windflow was incorporated in 2000 and has served the global wind energy market since that time with our proven, differentiated wind turbines.  Click to learn more about the History of Windflow, and Our Vision for the future.

Windflow is publicly listed on the New Zealand Exchange's alternative market, the NZAX (WTL).  For more information on investing in Windflow, please see our Investor Relations section.

Nacelle assembly, which is the heart of the wind turbine manufacturing process, can readily be established in simple factory premises using our turbine design.  The photo below shows Windflow’s factory in Christchurch (2008-2017) which had a production capacity of 60 turbines a year, with room to expand to 200 turbines a year.

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Our nacelle assembly plant in New Zealand.


Windflow UK

In 2010 Windflow established Windflow UK Ltd to service the UK market.  Please see the Windflow UK website for more information about our operations in the UK.  Windflow UK is backed by the engineering, management and operations team in New Zealand.