Te Rere Hau

Te Rere Hau wind farm is NZ Windfarms first wind farm development. It is located on the Tararua Ranges near Palmerston North where the wind resource is excellent with very strong winds.

Windflow Technology supplied 97 Windflow 500 turbines for the 48.5 MW Te Rere Hau wind farm which received resource consent in 2005.  Te Rere Hau is situated on farm land near Palmerston North.Te Rere Hau Topography Map

  • Stage 1 consists of 5 turbines (2.5 MW), which were installed in September 2006.
  • Stage 2 (28 turbines, 14 MW) was completed in 2009.
  • Stage 3 (32 turbines, 16 MW) was completed in 2009
  • Stage 4 (32 turbines, 16 MW) was completed in 2011. This is located at an extension site to the east of the original wind farm.

The Te Rere Hau wind farm is owned by NZ Windfarms Ltd.

Please note there is no public access to the wind farm.