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Windflow 500 Wind Turbine

The Windflow 500 wind turbine is a 500 kW, half a MW, two-bladed 33 m rotor. The turbine is designed for IEC class 1A, and operates in high and turbulent wind speeds and in complex terrain.

Windflow light weight and cost-effective design

The Windflow 500 turbine is a 500 kW, two-bladed turbine with a 33 m diameter rotor.  Its light weight, innovative design is cost-efficient and reliable, and suitable for a variety of terrain and wind farm sizes. It is certified IEC class 1A and nearly 100 turbines are field-proven in strong turbulent wind conditions.


Cost-effectiveWindflow 500 brochure cover

  • Light weight enables low cost of manufacture, transport and installation
  • Reduced  capital and operating costs for electrical balance of plant
  • Highest power-to-weight ratio in the industry

Durable and robust

  • Excellent performance in strong and turbulent winds
  • Design eliminates two main causes of turbine downtime

Easy transport, installation and connection

  • Standard-size trucks and cranes, and 3 m roads
  • Two-bladed rotor and nacelle installed in one easy lift
  • Synchronous generation allows cost effective connection to the grid 

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Click here for technical specifications and a view of the inside of the nacelle.

Windflow 500 Brochure

Windflow 500 - Brochure (530 kB PDF file)

Windflow 500 - Brochure in Spanish (469 kB PDF file)
Windflow 500 - Brochure with American units (568 kB PDF file)

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