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Wind Turbine Manufacturer Windflow

Windflow Technology is a utility sized wind turbine manufacturer based in Christchurch, New Zealand . Windflow also offers wind turbine design services and wind turbine licensing opportunities. The WTG Windflow 500 kW wind turbine generator is optimised for strong turbulent winds, IEC class 1A.

Welcome to Windflow Technology

Wind power is one of the fastest growing forms of electricity generation worldwide and capacity is expected to increase from the current 250 GW to close to 500 GW in the next five years.

The engineering innovation of Windflow Technology Limited, (NZAX:WTL) offers a market leading, IEC certified wind turbine, with proven performance in Class 1 winds.

The two-bladed, 500 kW Windflow 500 is:

  • reliable
  • cost-efficient
  • easy to transport, install and connect electrically

It incorporates technology and design features that set it apart especially in strong wind conditions and complex terrain.

Core technologies

  • Torque Limiting Gearbox ™ (TLG)
  • Teeter-Control System ™ (TCS)

Wind turbine design and licencing

The Windflow 500 is available to manufacture under licence in certain markets. Design services incorporating its field proven TLG and TCS in multi-megawatt wind turbines are also available. Please email us for further information.

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If you are based in the UK, please go to our Windflow UK website

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